Contribution to the Seprise demonstration

SEPRISE (Sustained, Efficient Production of Required information Services) is a Specific Support Action funded by the EC within the 6th Framework Programme to further operational oceanographic services, in line with the priorities of the members of EuroGOOS.


Coriolis has collaborated with the Eurogoos project office to gather in real-time the freely available data into a single port and provide visibility to the data. This work contribute to demonstrate the feasibility of joint pan-European data exchange and forecasting in an operational mode.
Additional mooring data as well as comparison with model outputs are shown at SEPRISE demo WWW site maintained by EUROGOOS project office.

The IBI community participated to the SEPRISE data exchange demonstration and continue to provide access to the IBI data. Since July 2006 an FTP site for the IBI-ROOS have been set up by Coriolis team . It's updated daily at 630am with the data coming from IBI-ROOS providers.